Diabetes Management Expert (HbA1c)

One of the first handheld portable system for HbA1c

A1C EZ 2.0TM

Handheld HbA1c Analyzer

NGSP & IFCC certified
Hand held, battery operated
Boric Acid Affinity Chromatography
Accuracy & Precision:  CV < 3%
Test Range:  4-14%
Test Time:  5 min

Meter Pic3


Blood Glucose & HbA1c Testing 2 in 1 analyzer

Voice prompt operation,

easy to perform at home Convenient for comprehensive patient diabetic management at home, help to prevent the complications

Two ports of detection Chargeable Lithium battery 1000 data storage

GluCoA1c Blood Glucose and Glycohemoglobin Analyzer 1-800x800

A1cChek Pro

Automatic HbA1c Analyzer


4 samples / 8 minutes

Voice prompt

Easy to operate

Compatible HIS/LIS System

This analyzer provides a revolutionary operation experience and is widely applicable to primary medical institutions, clinics laboratories, independent laboratories and hospitals.