•   Autoclaves
      Accelerated Ageing Chambers
      Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
      Ball Mills
      Biological Safety Cabinet
      Blotting Systems
      Centrifugal Evaporators
      Stability / Climatic Test Chamber
      Cold Traps
      Auto Colony Counters
      Conductivity Meters
      Desiccators Cabinets
      Digital Thermoregulator
      Dry Block Heaters
      Environmental Chambers
      Environmental Equipment
      Food Science Equipment and Testing
      Freeze Dryers
      Fridge Freezers
      Fume Hoods
      Gas Chromatography
      Glassware Washers
      Growth Chamber
      Grain Moisture meter
  •   Heat Sealers
      Heating Mantles
      Homogenizers / Dispersers
      High Performance Liquid Chromatography
      Ice Flaking Machines
      Laminar Flow Hoods
      Liquid Handling
      Microplate Equipment
      Mixers (Vortex)
      Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment
      Pipette Tips
      Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms
      Rotary Evaporators
      Safety Hazardous Storage Cabinets
      Shaking Incubators
      (UV-Visible & Visible)
      Ultrasonic Baths
      Ultraviolet Lamps
      Water Baths
      Water Recirculation Chillers
      Water Purification Systems