Olive Production Technology


From Tree to table we provide olive related all technology in Pakistan.

Pakistan has set the largest of 16k tons olive production for 2027. So olive farming is key to meet the criteria of nation development .Our policy is to focus on effective olive farming with maximum olive production, keeping community efforts in mind and climates effects.

The commercial and wild olive plantation is found into belts around the world between 30-45 o North and South of equator. Since Pakistan is located in this region.

Therefore, olive cultivation can be successfully undertaken in the country, provided relevant inputs, incentives and technologies are made available to the forming community.

MSC is one of the leading organization, with aim to mainstream olive production at local level. We are striving our best to maximize olive production to meet local demand, through our useful contacts. At present we have installed 25 machines in all over Pakistan under government of Pakistan funded projects and all machines are imported at high cost. Now our experts are in position to develop a low cost small extraction machine at cost of 2 Million PKR only. Further its can be funded to potential farmers to meet their needs and to promote the production of Olives in Pakistan.



  • Our aim to maximize olive production to make Pakistan self-sufficient.
  • To decrease import budget by olive production.
  • Olive plants can cope with tough conditions and reduce the risk of loss of crop due to change in climate.

We Provide

  • Experts in agriculture to raise the olive production.
  • A constant contacts with clients.
  • Our unlimited collaboration till you got your cash from profit
  • You will be benefited with the production strategies that aims to give
  • MSc is always there to give you through thick and thin, in case there is some probation to provide a backup support

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