Our Team

Muhammad Tahir ( CEO )

“A charismatic leader who currently serves as the CEO of MSC. With a master’s in management from ICMAP, an MBA in Marketing, and a law degree from the University of Punjab, he blends business acumen with legal expertise. His rich multicultural exposure, combined with extensive international travel, has allowed him to explore quality products globally. A stunning leader who has undergone advanced training in the USA and UK, enriching his leadership with a global perspective. A regular participant in relevant exhibitions and conferences who aspires to transform MSC into a beacon of corporate excellence, embodying a standard of care and commitment to stakeholders—shareholders, customers, and employees—that reflects his stunning vision.”

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Dr. Rashid Amin (Product Technical Advisor)
An esteemed Product Technical Advisor at MSC, who brings a wealth of expertise to the team. With a Masters in Biotechnology from Aachen University, Germany, and a Ph.D. earned in Seoul, Korea, his academic background reflects a commitment to excellence.
His dynamic approach and international perspective contribute significantly to MSC’s pursuit of excellence in the field. His dedication to driving innovation and ensuring the seamless execution of strategic initiatives make him an invaluable asset to our team.


Abid Yaqoob (Director Sales)
A dynamic and resourceful Director of Sales. With a Master’s degree and extensive experience in sales and marketing, he is a proficient leader focused on taking the Company to higher levels of efficiency. A talented mindset drives his marketing skills and strategies, consistently meeting and surpassing the highest standards in all sales targets. A dedicated professional who attends international and national meetings, infusing the team at MSC with positive energy and a collaborative work environment. Led by his commitment to excellence and strategic vision, MSC team embrace a journey of growth and innovation.

Abid Yaqoob

Muhammad Imran  (Marketing Manager -Scientific Division)
MS in instrumentation.16 years’ experience in High-Tech scientific equipment’s His vision for MSC is to make it an economically sustainable entity where inbuilt capability is developed to rise step by step to next ladder of excellence in Scientific business, and prudently expand into related areas


Muhammad Riaz ul Qadeer (General Manager – IVD)
General Manager (IVD) at Mian Scientific Corporation, bringing extensive experience in healthcare systems since 1997.A professional holding degrees in Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biochemistry, along with a Diploma in Hospital and Healthcare Management. A certified Digital Media Marketing Expert, who has conducted numerous invitro diagnostics trainings and played a key role in training medical laboratory professionals. In his current role, he shapes the work environment, sets strategy, develops managers, and overseas operations.

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Shahid Anjum (Field Sales Manager)
He is an expert at managing a high level of customer expectations, dealing with complex managerial problems and ensuring that sales targets are met. On a personal level he has a professional appearance, enthusiastic attitude and has the ability to instill trust and confidence in customers.

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Zeeshan Aamir

Institutional Manager
MBA Marketing Mr. Zeeshan is a highly motivated and results orientated manager with overall 22 years’ experience in high level sales environments. Confident, tenacious with a proven track record for first class IVD marketing management and client satisfaction.


Abdul Majeed

Chief Institutional Manager
MBA- Marketing 13 Years’ experience as Institutional Sales Manager. A well networked and highly successful Institutional Sales manager with extensive customer service experience and of working to set schedules and deadlines. Boasting a strong background of supporting staff & senior management.

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Maida Ghafoor

Quality Assurance Manager

A Medical Lab Technologist serving as a Medical Product Specialist and Quality Assurance Manager. Leading the Marketing team and championing quality management across all projects of MSC.

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Aamir Iqbal

Chief Service Engineer
Graduate in Electronics Engineering and Medical Technology.
Technically competent with extensive experience of a variety of software and hardware system Got trainings from abroad for instrumentations.

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Hafiz Shahzad Hussain 

Regional Sales Manager-Punjab

Hafiz Shahzad Hussain Medical Lab Technologist is serving Regional Sales Coordinator He possess marketing skills within the diagnostic field as a Medical Lab Technologist specializing in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD). With a solid foundation in laboratory practices and a keen understanding of IVD technologies, He has effectively translated complex technical information into compelling marketing campaigns. His strategic marketing initiatives have played a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and adoption of diagnostic solutions. From creating impactful content to developing targeted outreach programs, He has consistently driven engagement and interest in IVD technologies among healthcare professionals.

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Nadeem Yousaf – Product Manager (IVD)

Nadeem Yousaf, our esteemed Regional Product Specialist, is an expert in Medical Laboratory Technology diagnostic techniques. He holds an M.Phil in Virology & Molecular Pathology, a degree attested by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). With a deep understanding of field sales services in diagnostic labs throughout Pakistan, he brings a wealth of experience to our team. His proficiency extends to polymerase chain reaction tests protocol, and he has received training in Biosafety level 3 labs from the Institute of Public Health Lahore. Nadeem Yousaf is a valuable asset, ensuring our company delivers top-notch products and services.


Wasif Shabir (HR Manager)
MBA- HRM GC University Faisalabad,
He Trains new employees Plan and assign duties, staff accordingly Assist HR Department with performance evaluation by making salary recommendations and administering discipline. Manage development and implementation of all HR related strategies.


Waqar Ahmad (Logistics Manager)

He has immense experience in Pre / Post Shipment Documentation, Import Banking, Shipping, Logistics. He has Expert understanding of the logistics and supply chain management. He ensures the products inventory efficiently and cost-effectively.


Anwar ul haq (Legal Manager)

He is capable to managing various tasks of the legal department related to company, staff and clients. He is a person aspiring for this position being having degree in law and has a good amount of experience working in this field. He has good communications skills and managerial abilities.

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Dr. Mushtaq

Compliance Manager

A proficient in education with a Pharm-D background. Specializing in regulatory affairs, he ensures his company’s adherence to industry standards. He actively contributes to MSC projects, emphasizing quality maintenance. His adept communication skills are evident in successful meetings with international stakeholders, highlighting his capacity for effective collaboration. He is a key player in regulatory compliance and project excellence.

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Sohail Anwar (Account Manager)

M Com. University of Punjab. PIPFA (Pak) He has experience in the Accounts Audit and Finance. Prior to joining the Diagnostic business, he served in Accountancy Firm. He is Certified Accountant from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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Abubakar Tahir

Business Planning Manager

A dynamic young entrepreneur and Business Planner at Mian Scientific Corporation, spearheading the company’s endeavors in the intricate realm of security affairs within distribution systems. Freshly graduated with an innovative mindset, he brings a blend of academic prowess and practical acumen to the table. As the Business Planner, he not only manages the quality of all projects but also strategically positions the company as a trailblazer in safeguarding corporation assets. With a commitment to excellence, he is reshaping the landscape of distribution system security, setting a new standard for success in the corporation.


Imran Ibrahim

Branch Manager-Lahore


Muhammad Ishaq

Branch Manager-Islamabad

Shahzad Rasheed

Branch Manager-Multan

Shahid Baig

Branch Manager-Peshawar

Nisar Khan

Branch Manager-Karachi

Imran Lodhi

Branch Manager-Quetta