Our Partners

CDR designs and manufactures state-of-the-art technological systems that are developed relying on innovative solutions at the company’s research laboratories, which focus on microelectronics, fine mechanics and biochemical research.

The SpectraAlyzer OLIVE and OLIVE  Top Window (TW) are the most advanced olive oil analyzers available for testing the most common parameters required for olive oil extraction processes.

Pieralisi one of the leading players on the global scene for the supply of centrifugal separation and extraction solutions for multiple applications: Environmental, Food and beverage, Recycling, Mineral fuels and lubricants, Chemical and pharmaceutical.

 Agbiolab was founded to link biotech with farm for personalised support to agribusinesses. By being focused on premium olive oil for over 12 years.

ESAO, a pioneer in specific training in the olive sector, was the first high-performance school specialised in this sector.